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. two years in row. gerri: why is that happening? >> two years in a row s.a.t. trumped s.a.t. in amount of test take is. 1.6 million students taking act. slightly less an s.a.t. that same number six years ago was 700,000 test takers for s.a.t. they're grabbing share. act long been an exam that is so connected to what a student will learn in high school. so the s.a.t. today is pushing on those same levers, saying we'll connect the s.a.t. to directly what kids are learning in high school. gerri: rob will this be fairer system for students at end of the day. >> you know, i think, when we start to think about it, what will really help students providing them formore resources. more access to more data early on as probably best indicator. s.a.t. will be around. 2/3 of four-year colleges are still looking at them. it is a necessary evil in the eyes of lots of admission offices. we're watching closely at princeton rye you. >> great to talk with you, rob. happened just today. didn't realize you were pushing for it. >> good to see. >> advice before you buy the next car that may save you money. n
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1